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Weight Management

Weight Management

How to Look and Feel Younger:

1. Exercise and eating healthier—not dieting—can lead to improved metabolism, permanent weight-loss, and an improved health and vitality.Recent research has shown that your metabolism and hormones may be the key to effective, permanent weight loss. 

We receive patients that are looking for a weight management program because they want to live a healthier, longer & happier life. They come with a motivation and that helps them commit to the treatment and weight management program. This program includes :
– An in-depth medicinal history, and Chinese medical evaluation to locate the root cause of your weight problem.
-Laboratory tests including hormonal assessments, adrenal and thyroid function, intestinal permeability, and heavy metal toxicity.
– Computerized Body Composition Analysis which measures body mass index and your actual percentage of body fat plus your total body water.
– Electrodermal Screening to detect food sensitivities
– Acupuncture treatment to increase your metabolism.
– Nutritional assessment and diet plans based on your individualized goals.
– Nutritional medicines for weight loss.
Clinically proven weight management protein shakes. Chinese herbal medicine to increase metabolism and lower body fat.

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