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The Zoll Center is one of South Florida’s leading Complementary Medical Centers and is located in Boca Raton Florida. All of us at The Zoll Center are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health. We combine the best that Eastern and Western medicine has to offer, and believe that everyone can be healthier and can be aided in their healing naturally, using acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

We also offer other integrative treatments such as massage, nutritional advice, and our premiere Wellness Programs. We call what we do The Zoll Method. We do it with a deep passion and an intention to do so with kindness.


Stuart-ZollStuart Zoll, our Clinic Director is one of the first generation of American Acupuncturists and has been in practice since 1975. In addition, he is one of the few Board Certified Oriental Reproductive Acupuncturists in Florida. He is certified and trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering Integrative Cancer Center.

The Zoll Center is recognized as being a leader in the field of reproductive medicine; specifically, infertility, pregnancy, gynecology, and male infertility. Boca News says Dr. Zoll has Miracle Hands. READ MORE

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At the same time, our clinic treats common health issues like pain, sports injuries, arthritis, allergies, chronic fatigue, cancer care, diabetes, digestive complaints, weight gain, and auto-immune disorders

Our patients are hoping to avoid survey, reduce dependence on prescription drugs, and live a healthier lifestyle. To date Dr. Zoll Has treated over a 150,000 patient visits with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. We are one of the largest acupuncture clinics in Florida and we offer safe, gentle and effective drug free solutions in a warm and supportive environment where patient care is a holistic process.

If you want to live a healthier life, have every conceivable chance of having a baby, or simply want to live your life to its fullest, then click ahead on, contact us today, and schedule your Free Health Evaluation.