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We are Florida’s leading integrative medicinal clinic, located in Boca Raton. We combine the best that Eastern and Western medicine has to offer, and provide exceptional care in a friendly and compassionate environment. It is our objective to help you recover your health, not just suppress your symptoms. We’ve been helping patients restore their health and live life to its fullest with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, since 1975.

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Many of our patients want to avoid surgery, find natural solutions to pharmaceutical drugs, be more relaxed and live a healthier, happier pain-free life. While for others, their goal is to conceive and have a healthy baby.

We specialize in treating both male and female infertility in the most natural way possible—using acupuncture and Chinese medicine to enhance vitality and fertility.

Our practitioners are experts in the field of acupuncture and herbal medicine, nutrition and energy medicine. We are highly trained in many specialties including general medicine, women’s health, fertility, pediatrics, respiratory disorders, digestive diseases, and pain.